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About Saputara
Saputara is a verybeautiful place situated in the Dang district of Gujaratwhich draws a lot of tourists. Saputara at an altitude of about 875 meters is an ideal place to escape from the hustling bustling city life giving peace of mind and calm to the tourist. Saputara with its youthful features and beautiful landscapes in the midst of the green woods offers a refreshing atmosphere to the visiting tourist. Alandwith a long and deep historical past, Saputara is a favorite choice of many Indian travelers. There are various tourist places in India. Travel business in India has been growing day by day. Owing to the variety that the country of India as to offer to the tourists in terms of locations, climate, culture, topography, cuisine, art and architecture, you will have at your proceed a number of tourist places in India deserving a visit or two. This portal not only gives certain information about tourist places in India but also gives in-depth information about Saputara, a tourist place in Gujarat. Saputara is one of the ancient and renowned places in Gujarat, India. Saputara is popular for its splendor.

Every couple wishes honeymoon to be one of the best phases of their life. Saputara is one of the best tourist places in Gujarat where any couple can plan out their honeymoon in the enchanting atmosphere of Saputara. The honeymoon experience in Saputara for any couple would be the most memorable. Saputara has the best of scenic views, climate, sightseeing, attractions and honeymoon resorts. There are many hotels and restaurants in and around Saputara so that every visitor can obtain cheap and enjoyable accommodation and delicious food as per one's taste. Saputara is a striking place and chief tourist attraction place in Gujarat. Saputara hotels are very famous for their accommodation facilities and hospitality. Hotels in Saputara are easily available. Saputara hotels are reasonably inexpensive as well as hotels at Saputara have very good status. There are various five star & three star hotels at Saputara and many more hotels are still coming up in Saputara. Hotels in Saputara are developed in such a way that all the tourist attraction places, shopping centers and markets are nearby so that the visitors can travel easily. Hotels in Saputara even provide transportation facility. The tours and travel facility is also accessible to roam around the town as well as to reach Saputara from various places around it.

The place also houses some beautiful gardens and a museum. One of the main attractions of Saputara is the ‘Pushpak Ropeway’. It is considered the longest ropeway in the country and attracts a large number of children and young couples. There is a hill resort with hotels, parks, swimming pools, theatres and a museum.

There are various festivals celebrated in Saputara like Diwali, Holi, Christmas and many others. But the major festival celebrated in the Saputara region is Dang Darbar. Dang Darbar is a yearly festival celebrated in the Dang district, located in the Saputara Hills of India. An important festival of Dang tribe, inhabitants of Saputara woods, the Dang Darbar is celebrated just few days before Holi. The exact venue of this festival is Ahwa near Saputara but the festival has drawn its name from the Ahwa Darbar, a one–time venue assembly (Darbar). A group of men and women attired in color are seen eventful with festivities during the Darbar. All men wear lion clothes which are complimented with a waistcoat and colored turban. Women are robed in saree and blouses with heavy silver jewelry. The carnival ground can be seen abuzz with activities and merchants who come to mint money. Dang Darbar, a three day festival, witnesses many activities like folk dances, Raas, Garba programs, songs and dramas.

Saputara promises an all year pleasant weather. Saputara can be visited any time of the year. Saputara does not experience any extreme climatic variations. Summers during March to June has a narrow temperature band of 28°C to 38°C. Winters during December to February are extremely pleasant within the temperature range of 8°C to 28°C. Monsoons during July to September offer a humid climate with average rainfalls.

An attraction here is the three day 'Grishm Mahotsav' during May. The Mahotsav is very attractive for the tourists to watch the hill station with many art and cultural programs.

This beautiful hill station is perched on a plateau in the Dang forest area of the Sahyadri Range. At an altitude of about 1000 m. it has cool climate, the highest temperature even in the summer do not exceed 28 °C. Saputara though not has much on its history, legends has it that Lord Rama spent 11 years of his exile in these very forests. Saputara means the 'Abode of Serpents' and a snake image on the banks of the river Sarpagana is worshiped by the Adivasis on festivals like Holi. Saputara has been developed as a planned hill resort with all the necessary amenities like hotels, parks, swimming pools, boat club, theaters, ropeways and a museum to ensure an enjoyable holiday in the cool of the hill. Saputara attracts lots and lots of tourist to its scenic lap, owing to its stunning view, lively location and cool climate. Saputara has marvelous waterfalls and the place is ideal for watching sunrise and sunset. In the pleasant monsoon, Saputara offers breathtaking scenes for nature lovers. The Saputara Lake in the backdrop of lusting greenery and charming surroundings is a major attraction here. Boating facilities such as paddle boats or row boats are available on the lake.

Tourist attraction

Gira Waterfalls

Pandava Caves, also known as Aravalem caves, are renowned by the mythical stories of Pandavas, the great warriors of the epic Mahabharatha. The caves are located in an ambiance of wilderness at a place Valpoi in the district of North Goa, a border district of Goa with Gujarat. It is believed that Pandavas put up here for some time during their wilderness in the forest and they used these caves to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva. An impressive Shivling is placed inside the caves. These are beautiful caves leading light to the epic period.

Gira Waterfalls
The Gira waterfalls which comes in full pour in the months of June to November is just 52 km away from Saputara. It is a very pleasant place for picnics and week ends. The tourists never miss this waterfall in Saputara

Saputara Lake
Saputara Lake is the major attraction of tourists in this hill station. There is a Boat Club here from where you can hire sailboats, paddleboats and rowing boats and enjoy boating in the lake. The Sun Rise and Sun Set Points provide landscape and varied views of the sun.

Vansda National Park
Vansda National Park is spread over an area of about 24 sq km and it is the home of tigers, leopards, python, four-horned antelope, pangolin, rusty-spotted cats and giant squirrels. This park which draws a lot of tourist's attention was initially a private forest of the Maharaja of

Purna Century
The Purna Sanctuary at a distance of about 60 km north of Dang is situated at Mahal in the Western Ghats of Gujarat. It is a dense damp deciduous forest full of bamboos leading the path.

Forest Nursery
Forest Nursery in Saputara offers many varieties of plants and trees. The nursery is run by the forest department. Many flowered plants can be spotted here; different varieties of Hibiscus flowers attract many visitors. Saplings of fruit trees, flowered plants, creepers and many other trees are showcased here and one can purchase these saplings for a reasonable price.

Lake Garden
Lake Garden is a major entertainment for both the locals and the tourists coming here. This is a very beautiful garden very well maintained enclosing nice plants and rare kinds of trees. The Lake garden looks very fertile, full of lush green trees and plants. Apart from the garden it also accommodates a play area for the children

Rose Garden
This is a beautiful garden which has different species and variety of roses. The different colors of the roses give a spectacular view to the visitors.

Step Garden
One another attractive place in Saputara, step garden has the unique feature of a garden set up in steps. Well laid out steps are adorned with beautiful plants, flower pots and in the midst of nice woods. There is a Forest hut for a comfortable stay to the visitors, placed amidst the garden. The Garden is well maintained and offers variety of flowers and plants.

Nageshwar Mahadev Temple
The Nageshwar Mahadev Temple is known for its holiness and is one of the most religious places in this area. The presiding deity of this temple is Lord Shiva. This temple has hundreds of devotees visiting daily.


Saputara Museum
The Saputara museum is centrally located in the town near the main market. The museum mainly exhibits the various lifestyles and culture of the tribal people of this area namely the Dangis. Museum provides spectacular exhibition of variety of clothes, utensils, traditional artifacts, lifestyles, house objects, musical instruments, ornaments and many such objects which are used by the native tribal Dangis. Apart from this exhibition the museum also conducts a workshop on most of the days which teaches the making of the traditional objects.

Excursion nearby

Botanical Garden
It islocated about 49 kms. from Saputara. A huge garden spreading over twenty four hectares with 1,400 species of plants from all overIndia. The novice nature lovers can wonder at different varieties of bamboo like the Golden Bamboo, Chinese Bamboo, and Beer Bottle Bamboo etc. and enjoy meandering along the beautiful passages each queued upwith different species of tree.

Gira Falls
It is situated about 49 kms. from Saputara. It is located at a fair distance from Saputara on Waghai Road which takes you to an enormous clearing where the vivid Gira falls emerging from the tributary named Kapri can be viewed

Saptashringi Devi Mandir
It is situatedabout 68 kms. from Saputara. Saptashringi known as one of the sister of Kali (Hindu Goddess). Sapta stands for seven and shring stands for pinnacle so Saptashringi means the mountain with seven peaks. This temple is visited by the religious followers throughout the year and the rush period is Dashera when a fair is organized where lakhs of devotees visit the mandir during Navarathra.

By Air
Recommended near by airports are in Surat and Mumbai, the nearest being Mumbai. Private jeeps can be hired from Ahwa. Organized tours outside and within Saputara are conducted in minibuses by the lodge Chitrakoot during peak seasons.

By Rail
Nearest railway head is Waghai Which is about 50 km away from Saputara city center. This station is directly connected with Mumbai and regular train services are available from here to many cities in India. Taxis are also available in the railway station and fare is about Rs 900 to the heart of the city.

By Road
Saputara is well connected to all neighboring cities by Government owned buses. Private A/C and non A/C deluxe buses are also available from Saputara to many cities in the State including Mumbai and Pune (275 km).

Distance from major cities
Nasik Saputara 202 km
Baroda Saputara 270 km
Mumbai Saputara 294 km
Ahmedabad Saputara 384 km
Pune Saputara 412 km
Nagpur Saputara 682 km
Bangalore Saputara 1172 km
Delhi Saputara 1238 km
Ranchi Saputara 1525 km
Udvada Saputara 129 km

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