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About Matheran
The varioustourist attractionsin this place are worth paying a visit. Matheran offers you a great scenery view located here. There are various place to see and they attract a lot the tourist from various place beyound the boundries of our country.A land with a long and deep historical past, India is a favorite choice of many Indian travelers. There are various tourist places in India. India travel has been escalating day by day. Owing to the variety that the country of India glow with in terms of climate, culture, topography, cuisine, art and architecture, you will have at your proceed a number of tourist places in India deserving a visit or two. Our portal not only suggests information India level i.e. tourist place in India or travel India but also gives deep information about Matheran. Matheran is one of the ancient and renowned places in India. The history of Matheran concedes Matheran to be the last hill station of the British. The zigzag trails leading to the unfrequented parts of this hill station remind the visitors of the old world charisma. Every couple would wish to have honeymoon to be one of the best phases of their life. Matheran is the best tourist place one can plan out there beautiful part of life under the splendor of the Matheran tourist places. The intent ofhoneymoon in Matheranfor any couple would be most memorable. Matheran has the best of scenic views, climate, sightseeing, attractions and honeymoon resorts. There are many Matheran hotels & resort for accommodation for tourist they are Richie Rich Resort, Usha Ascot and many more they make feel the tourist home like atmosphere. Matheran is a striking place and chief tourist attraction place where cheap hotels are available for a soothing stay. People in huge quantity visit Matheran. Matheran hotels are very famous for thereaccommodation and hospitality. Hotels at Matheran are effortlessly available. Due to budget hotels of Matheran visitors are benefited because at reasonable price they get rooms in hotels of Matheran. Tourism is developed at large in Matheran. It's very easy and trouble-free to travel Matheran.

Marati cultureprevails in this place. Majorities of the locals are Hindu and Muslims. The locals are friendly and generous. The major language is Marathi. The high altitude and extensive hills with vegetation makes the climate cooler and less humid. The summers here lasts from March to June and it is comparatively cooler here than in the rest of Maharashtra cities. The maximum temperature reaches to 32 degree Celsius. The weather at Matheran in summer is pleasant and mild due to a green and dense forest cover and cool mountain breeze that blows constantly in Matheran. Monsoon offer very heavy showers and tourists in general avoid rainy days in July and August. But it looks beautiful in rains and if you enjoy rains, you can consider visiting it during this time. Winters are cool with temperature lies above 16°C in all the days. It is good for all tourist activities. The finest Season to visit Matheran is all through the year. September to June is very pleasant, cool and energetic and ideal for sight seeing. July and August are rainy and may select for outing by those tourists liking rainy outings. Thus the people of Matheran are friendly and owe a warm well come to the tourist.

Matheran is a fine-looking city on the outskirts (suburbs) of Mumbai. The history of Matheran takes us back into the flow away of the British rule. The incomparable magnificence of this small charming hall station tempts the British to come and have a stay here. You can take a lethargic stroll into the intense woods or can take pleasure in the natural splendor of this place at your holiday. There are many hotels available at Matheran and the beauty has attracted visitors from world wide. Transport facility is easily available at Matheran.

Matheran or 'forest on top was discovered by the British in 1851. It was Hugh Poyntz Malet, the then collector of Thane district who actually found this peaceful hill town in the Sahyadri ranges. Lord Elphinstone put his sincere effort in developing the region. Soon it became one of the popular resorts of the British who wanted to escape from the unbearable heat during summer. The hill station has till date retained 19th century colonial ambience. The huge royally mansions, toy train and the various lanes still give the impression to miss the glorious majestic days. Today the British discovery happens to be the only hill station in Asia where pollution has no place. It has also carrier the title of Eco Sensitive Zone. No vehicle is allowed to demonstration into the privacy and calmness of the hill station.

Tourist attraction
Matheran can be representing as a tiny oasis (sanctuary) of warmth, beauty and calmness, located in the midst of the nobility of nature. A little jewel in the crown of Maharashtra's tourism industry, this tiny hill station is one of the most beautiful hill stations of the state. Here is a list of some of this major watch out points, which must be included in the sightseeing tours of the place.

Echo Point
This is a crucial point that offers view of the whole place. As the name suggests, Echo point is well-known for allowing you to enjoy your echoes. This has made the place very popular amongst locals as well as tourists.

Charlotte Lake
This lake is the main source of water supply in Matheran and a major point of the place. It is located at a distance of 1 km from the main market and looks idyllic during the monsoons, but dries up during the summers.

Louisa Point
Located on a plateau, this famous lookout point offers a fantastic view of the ruined forts of Prabal and Vishalgarh. The famous "Lion's Head" (a rock resembling a lion's head) is located close to it.

Alexander Point
It is a famous point located 1 km towards the north of the place. This point provides splendid views of the Garbut Point, the Chowk valley and the Ulhas River, and is a favorite among the visitors.

King George Point
During the monsoons, water from the nearby Charlotte Lake overflows and forms various waterfalls around the place. This is the point that magnificently captures these waterfalls and hence is a popular point during the season of showers.

Sunset/Porcupine Point
Located at a distance of 4 km from the main market, this point is well-known for its vision of the setting sun. This point offer views of a dark forest below. Prabalgad can also be seen from this point.

Monkey Point
It is a well-known point, famous for the large number of naughty monkeys that throng (large number) the place. The point also offers a thrilling view of the verdant plains beneath.


Sri Pisarnath Temple
Sri Pisarnath Temple in Matheran, a scenic hill station in Raigad district, Maharashtra state of India. The temple is situated near Charlotte Lake, a famous picnic spot in the district. Matheran is a fascinating spot where tourists throng to have a nice view of Nature along with a wonderful view of sunrise and sunset. Since the shrine is located amidst a forest with lush greenery all around, devotees from faraway and near get fascinated to this temple.

One Tree hill
One Tree Hill is named after the only tree present on the hill area. There is solitary Ambul Tree at the top which looks down the valley in sheer resplendence. For some reason the down hill path is named as Shivaji Ladder. This path was discovered by Hugh Poyntz Malet, who was the collector of Thane district. One Tree Hill Point is an ideal point for trekkers.

khandala Point
The point is located near the Karsandas Library and offers a good view of Garbut point. It is a must visit in monsoon season as the greenery and waterfalls enraptures even more.

Prabal fort
Named after the Prabal Hill, on which the ruins of the fort stand, the Prabal Fort has a rural charm and historical significance. The fort was once captured by Chathrapati Shivaji from Mughals and as believed, the fort treasures of high price till date. Prabal Fort has two gateways and 11 towers in the fortifications. Presently, there are three-four walls inside the strengthening that remind of the olden days.

Getting To Matheran

By Air
Matheran is only 90 kms. from the Bombay International Airport and 110 kms. from Pune city Airport. Hence, it is easily accessible from both, Bombay & Pune. From Bombay city, a helicopter service operates right into Matheran, landing at a helibase, and 2800 sq. ft. above sea-level at the race course grounds.

By Road
It is accessible by road from Bombay, along the National Highway No 4 at a distance of 92 kms. right upto a parking-area bay called Dastoori, atop the mountain. From this point into the town center, either a trek on foot or on horse-back or by hand pulled rickshaws, as no motor vehicles are allowed within the hill-station area.

By Rail
It is well connected by rail again both, from Bombay & Pune upto Neral - a station at the bottom of the hill and then by a toy train winding it's way up the hill on a single meter gauge, through jungle paths and cutting through mountain sides and tunnels, giving a breathtaking view of the valley below and the city left behind.

Distance from major cities
Matheran- Ahmedabad 455.3 kms
Matheran- Baroda 368.7 kms
Matheran- Jamangar 510.4 kms
Matheran- Jaipur 920.5 kms
Matheran- Delhi 1143 kms
Matheran- Udaipur 623.4 kms
Matheran- Ajmer 822 kms
Matheran- Mumbai 54 kms
Matheran- Rajkot 450.1 kms
Matheran- Pune 75.24 kms

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