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About Mahabaleshwar
The jungle of Mahabaleshwar is thick & produces many commercial as well as medicinal trees & plants. The wild life is limited to foxes, jackals, & wild boars. Deers & bisons are found in the brahma aranya area. Panthers are rare. The famous bird in the urdu poetry, Bulbul is found everywhere in the plateau. The weather of Mahabaleshwar & healthy & contains an ideal of 20% oxygen which is often agumented in foggy weather of late summers & early monsoon, when the pleateau is covered by thick mist. The water contains a meager percentage of iron which helps to increase hemoglobin in the blood.

The harmonize ofglorious charming "points", the perpetual springs, streams, and waterfalls of Mahabaleshwar plateau, with its year round splendid climate, drew the English and others to Mahabaleshwar like honey bees to sweet nectar. Alandwith a long and deep historical past, India is a favorite choice of many Indian travelers. There are various tourist places in India. India travel has been escalating day by day. The various tourist places in India, which are, in turn, some of the prime reasons for the arrival of thousands of tourists to this country of universal appeal. Owing to the variety that the country of India glow with in terms of climate, culture, topography, cuisine, art and architecture, you will have at your proceed a number of tourist places in India deserving a visit or two. Our portal not only suggests information India level i.e. tourist place in India or travel India but also gives deep information about Mahableshwar. Mahableshwar is one of the ancient and renowned places in Maharashtra, India.

Every couple would wish to havehoneymoonto be one of the best phases of their life. Mahableshwar is the best tourist place one can plan out there beautiful part of life under the splendor of the Mahableshwar tourist places. Mahableshwar has the best of scenic views, climate, sightseeing, attractions and honeymoon resorts. Mahableshwar has many hotel and resorts that provide accommodation to the visitors. The hotels at Mahabaleshwar are not only cheap and within budget but many hotels are five stars and three stars they provide luxury to the travelers. Mahabaleshwar is a striking place and chief tourist attraction place. People in huge quantity visit Mahabaleshwar. Mahabaleshwar hotels are very famous for there accommodation and hospitality. Mahableshwar hotels are reasonable as well as hotels at Mahabaleshwar have very good status. Hotels in Mahableshwar are developed in such a way that all the tourist attraction places and shopping are near by so that the visitors can travel easily. Hotels in Mahabaleshwar even provide transportation facility. The beauty and sightseeing attracts the people to visit the charming hill station Mahabaleshwar. There are many option of travel at Mahabaleshwar.Mahabaleshwar tourismis developed lot.

Home to the fresh, ripe red, delicious strawberries, Mahabaleshwar, the "strawberry country" is crowned with miles of strawberry farmes which is a delightful view for any tourist. The essence of this hill station lies in its strawberry farms which occupies about 1500 acres of land. Although this small town has gone through so much disorder and conflict, it had never been brought to the ground by any of the Rulers. Its beauty has been maintained and improved at every stage of its life. Its rich history has even helped develop its culture and its prestige, its one of the attractive hill station in India.

Some Facinating Information
Mahabaleshwar was established as a health resort in 1829 AD. It was a jail for chinese & malay convicts from 1834 to 1864. The capacity of the jail was 120 prisoners. These prisoners introduced cultivation of red potatoes, strawberries & waeving of cane & bamboo baskets. Many of the prisoners stayed at Mahabaleshwar after they were released. Novelties of Mahabaleshwar
An evergreen vast plateau with long beautiful roads, horse rides & foot paths along forest. Honey & chikki, channas, waling sticks. Fruits like strawberries, raspberries , goose berries & muberries. Vegetables like red potatoes, french beans, beets, salad, carrots, raddishes. Boating in Venna lake.


Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar via Mahad is 220 kms Mumbai to Pune is 180 kms & further Pune to Mahabaleshwar is 120 kms. Panchgani to
Mahabaleshwar is 20 kms.

Vast green plateau of about 150 sq. kms.

4500 feet above sea level.

Never too hot because of the heights. Never too cold bacause of the nearness to the arabian sea. Duration of higher temperature is short.

October, Diwali & X'mas holidays & summer. Hotels are open round the year even during the rainy seasons.

Mahableshwar is one of the ancient and renowned places in Maharashtra, India. The Krishnamai temple is the oldest temple from Vaai-Mahableshwar region. The tribal people residing in this area are mainly shepherds and farmers. The word Mahableshwar has been originated from the word Mamleshwar which means "God of Mavalas” who is none but Lord Shiva.

In the history of Mahabaleshwar, the name of Colonel Lodwick is written in golden letters. Mahabaleshwar owes a lot to this British who is believed to have 'discovered' this lovely hill station and brought a considerable amount of focus to it. The history of Mahabaleshwar dates back to 1215 when King Singhan of Deogiri visited it. The entire area flourished during 1350 when it was taken over by a Brahmin dynasty. During 16th century, Mahabaleshwar was captured by the Maratha family of Chandarao More who gifted the famous Mahabaleshwar Temple. In 1656, it was the great Maratha King Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who after defeating Jaoli built the famous Pratapgarh Fort. Then came the turn of the Peshwas who ruled this place till the year 1819 and after that Mahabaleshwar got included in the territory of the Raja of Satara.

Tourist attraction

Mahabaleshwar Recreation
People in Mahabaleshwar commemorate Ganesh Chaturthi with many festivities and religious ritual in the month of September. The high spirits of Mahabaleshwar is not worth missing in March when the unique Strawberry festival is celebrated in a unique and attractive approach. Diwali is also celebrated with great enthusiasm with all the rituals and the entire hill station is found lighted with glitters and lamps and many other beautiful decorative ambiences. They enjoy lot every part of the festivals. Entertainment in Mahabaleshwar is much interconnected with the Nature and fun loving ambience. An evening at Tapola Lake, a drive to Echo point or just a walk in the market and playing theentertainingcoin games are few of the ways of entertainment. Apart from this, there are restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors, few casinos available to have a revealing experience. Mahabaleshwar is famous for its strawberries, or sundry continental fruits and vegetables. During summer and winter in the bazaar, People guzzle brightly colored fruit drinks. Peddlers control over piles of bright strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries and mulberries. Apart from this, Mahabaleshwar is not ashopping destination, but still one can look forward to buy a few things from the local markets. The bazaars of this lovely hill station are bustling and alive offering everything from clothes to slippers and gift items.

Mount Malcolm
Mount Malcolm used to be the most famous building in the olden days. It was built in 1829 with superb architectural skills. Unfortunately, today it has lost a lot of its old fascination.

Catholic Church
A visit to the old Roman Catholic Holy cross church is worth. Although the church is practically falling apart, its stained-glass windows are still a scene to take a look at. It was built in the late 18th century for the British citizens settled in Mahabaleshwar.

Pratapgad Fort
The historic Pratapgad Fort was built by the Maratha chieftain Chhatrapati Shivaji in 1656, to control the rebellious rulers of the nearby Javali Basin. It is said that, Shivaji was blessed with a shining sword at the temple of Goddess Bhawani located here. It is also the site of the famous battle between Shivaji and Afzal Khan, ruler of the Bijapur Sultanate.

Kate's Point
The view from the Kate's point is clear and fabulous. The best time to visit is winter. It is during winter that the skies are clear. Kate's Point is along the Duchess Road. It is at a height of 1,290 metres. It is one of the greatest points and no tourist would like to miss it.

Elephant's Head Point
The point leaves incredible views of the surroundings. The mountain range of Sahyadri is also visible from this point. The Elephant's Head Point is one of the best points to be visited in Mahabaleshwar. The cliffs which overhang remind you of an elephant's head and trunk. Thus the point got its name as the Elephant's Head Point. The tourists and the visitors should take a pony ride or walk from the parking area to the spot.

Venna Lake
The Venna Lake is a tourist's attraction as it has boating facilities and stalls for games. It also has snacks stalls. The area of the lake is busy till late night. Children are attracted towards the mini train. Fishing is fun and it adds to the delectation of the visitors. The Venna Lake is spread over an area of 28 acres and its average depth is 10 feet. The lake is nourishing by repeated springs. The area on all sides of the lake is full of flowers and greenery. The lake was constructed by Shri Appasaheb Maharj, who was Raja of Satara in the year 1842.

Lingamala Falls
The Lingamala Waterfall is a glittering waterfall. The water drops into the Venna valley of Mahabaleshwar. The Lingamala Waterfall is a fantastic sight to watch. The water falling down looks like thin silver streaks. It encircles with rainbow colors. The tourists and the visitors admire the Lingamala waterfall's beauty. The best season for visiting the falls is the rainy season. The water level during the monsoon rises and slides down. The water which launches from a height of 600 feet from the drop-off extends the most charming visions.

Wilson Point
Also called asSunrise point.The highest point. 4710 ft above sea level. It isa vast plateau. There are three masonary round platforms to see the sunrise. You are advised to see sunrise from platform no:2. You can see sunset also from this point.

Connaught point
The second highest point. Presents panoramic view of a green carpet. You can see sunrise as well as sunset from this point.

Elphiston point
The first point of M'war/ Overlooking two valleys, koyna on the left & savitri on the right.

Marjorie Point
Shoes several ranges of the Sahyadri range.

Castle Rock
On the way to the Arthur's seat shows savitri valley.

Arthur's Seat
Queen of all points. Some compare the stractification of rocks on southern side to the world famous stratification of rocks of the Grand Canyon of Colarado. USA. It is facinating to see the barren deep valley Savitri on the left & shallow green valley on the right. It is more facinating to know that Arthur's seat is the only place showing geographical distinction of kokan & Desh (Deccan), two territories of Mahabaleshwar, so clear & so near. If you go by the steps you come across a spring known as Tiger's spring which is supposed to be the source of the river Savtri. Immidiately below the seat is window point. You have to go deep by steps to reach the window point.Kates Point: Offers breathtaking view of krishna valley & deep waters of the dhom dam. From southern side it looks like an elephants head. There is also an echo point.

Baghdad Point
A very beautiful point. It goes past village Moleshware on the way. You see a superb scenic view of the back waters of koyna dam on your left, river solshi in front of you with tiny villages as if sqatting on river banks & vast green slopes of M'war plateau on your right.

Babington Point
Presents a view of saddle back & Koyna valley.

Northcote Point
Presents koyana valley view & saddle back.

Falkland Point
Below it the Artists Point also called as lovers point by some nature lover, presents beautiful koyana & valley below you.

Carnac Point
On the same way of falkland point.

Fitzgerald Point
Same view of Bombay point.

Bombay Point
Very popular sunset point. Shows the sahyadri range koyana valley & pratap garh.

Gaolani Point
At a distance of about 7 kms from ST bus station, by Tapola road you will meet the junction of road which will lead you to village Maharola From Maharola with little inquiry or following the map it should not be difficult to find this point. after reaching the point you will find yourself standing over a pass known as Zolachi Khind & enjoy the scenery of two valleys on the two sides. If you walk by gaolani ride you will enjoy the scenery of koyana valley on your right hand at many spots.

Lodwick Point & Boars Head
Protruding towards pratapgardh from M'war plateau you will see the surrounding scenery with awe.

The Lamington Plateau
You can go to by a foot path from ganapati mandir. If you follow the map correctly you will reach the plateau safely.

Panchgani Point
Shows the tableland of panchgani on the eastern side.

Helen's Point
River solshi starts from this point with a small fall near her origin. Poetic blue valley will be in front of you.

Rosamond Rock
The grandeur of its celestial beauty surpasses all the limits of descriptions.

Water Falls
Chinamans, Lingmala & Dhobi waterfalls, flow in abundance only during the rainy season.

Polo Ground
Often been used as a helipad, also used for learning car driving.

Bee keeping centre
Educational displays on the manufacture of honey by bees.

Table land
Largest in Asia. A small plane can land here.


Panchanganga Mandir
Religious importance is Panchanganga Mandir, where five rivers Krishna, Venna, Savithri, Koyna, and Gayatri meet. Hence the name Panchanganga is significant. The temple was built by Raja Singhandeo and Shivaji had played role in renovating and improving the temple. Its one of the most holy place.

Mahabaleshwar Temple
The Mahabaleshwar Temple has Lord Shiva as its presiding deity. The temple is encircled with a 5 feet high stone wall. The Mahabaleshwar hills were named after Lord Mahabali which means great strength. The Mahabaleshwar Temple is divided into two - the inner room and the outer room. The inner room is known as the God chamber and the outer is the central hall. The important site of prayer is a ‘lingam' which is of black stone. The lingam is regarded to be the materialization of the Divine.

Excursion nearby

Old Mahabaleshwar
Old Mahabaleshwar is an ancestral version of the new Mahabaleshwar which captures the attention of people. It is an interesting place to trek up above to 1372 m high and seek blessings at its number of temples that are known to sanctify the divine aureole at the height. If new Mahabaleshwar is famed for strawberries and chikki, then the old Mahabaleshwar is acclaimed for the divinity it holds in he temple and river sources. Till date this part of Mahabaleshwar is regarded as a pilgrimage of deities and goddess. It is here in the sequestered aura of the mountains that emanates five natural springs pour water into a tank shaped rock. It is said that these are the sources of Krishna, Koyna, Gayatri, Savitri, Gayatri and Koyna.

Panchgani is surreal hill stop enclosed with silvery oaks, laid back atmosphere and a dozen of boarding schools. Further down, there are charming colonial cottages/huts to scout the innocent fun in the sleepy-eyed Panchgani. Soothing, balmy atmosphere helps getting Panchgani touristy appraisals every time someone leaves this place smitten. Apart the hospitable people who help instituting Panchgani's charm, the greenery overhaul your senses in the strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, mulberry, goose berries and loads of other English fruit orchards.

Mapro Garden
A temptation for passer-by, motorists and visitors, Mapro Garden is right ahead of the hoardings and billboards overhead advertising Mapro's scrummy delicacies like jams, jellies, strawberry milkshakes and loads of ice-creams. The garden today has 21 varieties of squashes, syrups, crushes and jellies varieties on display as well as sale. To add, Mapro has 6 jams, 9 flavors of ice-cream and 6 flavors of ice-cream toppings..

Mahabaleshwar is a popular hill station of Maharashtrawhich is located in the rolling mountains of the Western Ghats and is recognized for its inimitable natural beauty and a pleasant climate. For a pilgrim tourist, this place holds immense importance as there are several revered temples that are located here, the Mahabaleshwar Temple being the prominent one among them. Due to the ever increasing popularity of this hill station, there has been a significant improvement in the infrastructure of thetransportnetwork and now transport and access to Mahabaleshwar is quite convenient. Within the place Taxis and rickshaws are easily available though a bicycle, which you can hire by the hour or for the day, is the best way to move around.

Getting To Mahabaleshwar

By Air
Mahabaleshwar can easily be reached by air from the important cities of India. Pune is the nearest airport which is located at a distance of 120 km and you can get regular flights to Mumbai and the other cities of India from Pune. The regular operations of the private and government owned airlines make the air transport quite convenient.

By Rail
For those who want to access Mahabaleshwar from the nearby cities, Wathar is the nearest railway station and if you are dropping in here from the distant corners of India then Pune would be the convenient railway station.

By Road
The State Transport buses carry out from Mumbai and Pune to Mahabaleshwar. MTDC operates daily bus services except during the monsoon, between Mumbai-Mahabaleshwar-Mumbai.

Distance from major cities
Mahabaleshwar- Pune 113 km
Mahabaleshwar- Mumbai 220 km
Mahabaleshwar- Nasik 324 km
Mahabaleshwar- Goa 408 km
Mahabaleshwar- Hyderabad 601 km
Mahabaleshwar- Indore 781 km
Mahabaleshwar- Bangalore 787 km
Mahabaleshwar- Ahmedabad 795 km
Mahabaleshwar- Nagpur 860 km
Mahabaleshwar- Delhi 1619 km

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